Next few months update. Short promotion.

Started by Admin Oct 06th, 2020 at 01:34
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Oct 06th, 2020 at 01:34
We still have 2 new features and 3 extra direct referral earning sources to be installed at the end of next week. Besides that we will have SSL security and possibly some offerwalls. Then next update for GrandClick will be in January (on 7th birthday).

Before January we will finish also GrandMonopoly and TheBuxer upgrades to the same version as GrandClick is running now. As well fix some issues and delays on old sites.

CashForClix is running live now and will have its first referral contest as soon as designers have fixed last design updates (Offers and PTC contest currently running). It will have some new features coming along until next Spring (after GrandClick birthday) it will have major upgrade with many new unique earning options.

Since it has been a while since the last promotion we had, then Memberships 20% OFF, rented referrals, and rented referrals extending 5% OFF! Promotion is valid until we come live with new features (expected 13-14th October).