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24 hours until contest finish! Updated Crack the Vault.
Published on Sep 18th, 2021 11:29 pm
  • Today is the last day of the Activity Tokens Contest!
  • Crack the Vault entry prize is $0.05 now and you have to guess a digit between 0-99 to win the Jackpot!

Offers Contest Winners!
Published on Sep 13th, 2021 02:23 am

Offers Contest has finished! Thank you to everyone who participated!

Account balance prizes has been credited to your account already!

For membership prizes, please open support ticket and let me know if you want Pro or Clicker+ membership.

Next contest will start on 20th September.


Contests news
Published on Sep 08th, 2021 12:05 am

Offers contest is finishing this Sunday night! Happy with the result, as many of you saw, there were not really that many new surveys or offers available this summer, it should pick up very shortly!

New Offers Contest starting 20th September after Activity Tokens Contest will finish, end date and prizes TBA.

Activity Tokens Contest will finish next Sunday on 19th, we try to run one more contest before Christmas, but first, there will be some new features added with more options to earn Tokens, we may have a short contest in November-December, before GrandClick's 8th Birthday.

GrandMonopoly has been upgraded to the same version as GrandClick and will get a new interactive design (optimized for mobile) installed this/next week, TheBuxer will undergo the upgrade at the end of the month. CashForClix's scheduled yearly upgrade is still in waiting, hopefully in October.

The next updates for GrandClick will be:

Traffic Exchange, Gaming Update, Lottery System, and "Treasure Chests", from which all you will be earning Activity Tokens and Direct Referral Commission.

Few more offerwalls, some more advertising options, and fewer restrictions on withdrawal limits.

All these updates should be completed before GrandClick's 8th birthday in January 2022.


Have a great Autumn and don't forget the Payment Proofs :)

August News / the Membership Month
Published on Aug 14th, 2021 07:34 pm

1) Bitcoin and Litecoin deposits working again!

2) Sites will get an option to upload payment proof straight to our forums

3) PROMOTION: Buy or Extend your membership and get free direct referrals:

* Direct Referral Pool Tickets are assigned instantly when you buy an upgrade and referrals will be assigned to your account randomly over the next 30 days from your upgrade purchase. Offer is valid until the end of 31st August by the server time.

TheBuxer and CashForClix may go also under upgrade in August, but more likely in September.

Fixed PTC Ads 50% OFF
Published on Jul 23rd, 2021 03:44 pm

All Fixed PTC Ads are now 50% cheaper!

Offer valid from 23rd July until the end of 31st July by server time.

Update in PTC earnings & Contests running!
Published on Jul 10th, 2021 03:34 pm

Now Free/Clicker+ Membership users earn 100% of click value, instead of 50% before, that's twice as much what Free members earned before!

Fixed Ads earnings increased an extra 25% for everyone!

Removed also 3-second ads, now Fixed ads have 10s and 30s timers and regular ads have 5s, 15s, 30s, and 60s options.


Activity Tokens Contest started!

Will run until the end of 19th September

Learn more how to earn Tokens and what prizes will TOP50 receive!


We have simulateously running Offers contest until 12th September and Video Creating Contest until 31st August.

All Contests Running!
Published on Jun 20th, 2021 11:38 pm

Activity Tokens Contest started!

Will run until the end of 19th September

Learn more how to earn Tokens and what prizes will TOP50 receive!


We have simultateously running Offers contest until 12th September 

ClixWall offerwall and 2 contests started!
Published on Jun 17th, 2021 05:39 pm

 ClixWall Offerwall crediting fixed! There are always lots of extra ads to click and many offers and tasks!


Also, OfferWalls Contest started and will be running until 12th September. 

TOP50 will receive a membership as a prize and top 30 additional cash prize to account balance.


Activity Tokens Contest is ready and will start on 21st June as scheduled.

Summer Contests!
Published on Jun 13th, 2021 11:47 pm

1) GrandClick Tutorial video contest, running from 7th June until 31st August -

The Winner will receive $100 to the selected payment processor, the video will be reuploaded and used in our "Watch Videos" section, Winner will also receive a chance to create our videos in the future (paid).

Every video creator will receive a surprise prize after the contest end.


2) OfferWalls contest, running from 14th  June until the end of 12th September

TOP50 (most $ earned from Offerwalls) will receive cash prizes and a membership!

3) Activity Tokens Contest - running from  21st June until 19th September. We will run the first version of the new Activity Tokens Contest. In this version you can earn Activity Tokens:

Earning Activity Tokens:

1 Token for every PTC click

2 Tokens for every Offer completed

1 Token for every Task completed

10 Tokens for every $1 deposited

10 Tokens for every Direct referral


More features installed this year:

1 Token for every $0.05 bet on games 

0.1 Tokens for every TrafficExchange site surfed

1 Token per hour from the Faucet

1 Token for every $0.01 worth Offer completed

1 Token for every $0.20 earned from referrals

1 Token for every $1.00 transaction in Exchange

TOP50 (most Tokens earned) can choose between different prizes after contest ends.


4) PTC Clicks contest, familiar to many from CashForClix. It will be running monthly once we get it ready. (No ETA yet)



Buy or Extend CLICKER+ Membership and we credit 25 Rented Referrals for FREE to your account.
Published on May 24th, 2021 06:25 am

Buy or Extend CLICKER+ Membership and we credit 25 Rented Referrals for FREE to your account.

Offer is valid from 24th May until the end of 30th May 2021 by the server time. Referrals will be credited to your account within 12 hours from your purchase.