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AdHitz x AirTM
Published on Feb 24th, 2021 06:09 pm

We have some great news from our good friends, AdHitz has adapted  AirTM for deposits and withdraws. (They previously had only coins and credit card for funding). 

AdHitz was created back in 2009  to go along with its sister site ClixSense, which did not have banner advertising. A couple of years back when Jim decided to sell both of his sites, AdHitz was bought up by a company that has very long experience in GPT area. And as it was under Jim's management, it is also at the moment probably the best place to get referrals, especially to PTC/GPT sites and now you have again a very easy way to buy banner ads from them.



Rotate4all is working again + few fixes
Published on Feb 17th, 2021 08:29 pm

We have updated our script accordingly to the new rules of Rotate4all, which means you can advertise their links again on Grandclick (on other sites it has been working continuously.

I have fixed Clixgrid refreshing, which means it refreshes the page automatically after each view. I will be doing the same for PTC ads at the start of April! This means all ads starting with HTTP:// will not be shown anymore anywhere on site, only HTTPS:// ads will be allowed. Please check your ads and let me know if you need to edit any of them. 

Also, the Clixgrid prize is now visible right away when the timer ends and you can use all letters now though out the site (русский, عربي, 中國人, etc.) besides only Latin ones.

Direct Referral Pool Tickets
Published on Feb 15th, 2021 11:34 pm

Our birthday celebrations have finished for this time and we continue adding new features to site. 

In 2021 we mostly concentrate to improve Direct Referral earnings and self earnings.

The first new feature you can find below, hopefully, we can add some more this month.


You can buy Direct Referral Pool Tickets from STORE

Every ticket guarantees you MINIMUM of 3 direct referrals in the next 30 days

Every referral has been active for 3 last days and clicked all ads at least on one day

Example 1: If you buy 1 ticket, you will be receiving at least 3 direct referrals in the next 30 days.

Referrals will be added on random days

Example 2: If you buy 10 tickets, you will be receiving at least 30 direct referrals in the next 30 days.

That means on average you get at least 1 direct referral every day

Example 3: If you buy 100 tickets, you will be receiving at least 300 direct referrals in the next 30 days.

Means on average you get at least 10 direct referrals every day, for 30 days.

These are guaranteed minimum amounts, you will usually get some more, how many more depends on new users signed up on site and tickets sold.

For FREE and CLICKER+ membership owners, you can go over the Direct Referral limit you have  (100 referrals). But you cannot buy or invite over the limit. Only with Direct Referral Pool Tickets you are able to go over the limit.

7th Birthday
Published on Feb 15th, 2021 12:29 am

Last day of the 7-year birthday promotions:

Pro, Grand and Grand Ultimate memberships 20% OFF

Rented referrals 10% OFF

Extending rented referrals 10% OFF

Direct referrals 40% OFF

Yearly Fixed Ads and GrandGrid 50% OFF

PTC, Text ads, Link ads, banner and login ads 30% OFF

All promotions are valid from 1st January until the end of 15th  February by server time!


First updates (ClixWall and Offers4all offerwalls will return and OfferToro to be added).

Couple of weeks after that will have some more updates installed (more direct referral and self earnings + enhanced direct referral earnings statistics). Once this update is installed, upgraded Points Contest will start to run for 30 days. 

Happy New Year and happy earnings!

You can request payout to all our sites now (TheBuxer.Com, GrandMonopoly.Com and CashForClix.Com) without any fees.


7th Birthday coming & CPX Survey Contest
Published on Dec 19th, 2020 06:56 pm

Getting ready for GrandClick 7th Birthday - 30 days Fixed ads (3sec) for $7.77 (Offer valid until the end of the year 2020)

We will start installing new updates/features for birthday at the end of this December and hope to have everything installed by mid-January, which then will culminate with the updated Points contest.


We will credit the best who are completing CPX Surveys

1) Who completes most surveys/screenouts, will get 3 months free Pro membership (or membership credit if upgraded already)

[Current leader: chunchu]

2) Who earns most money from surveys/screenouts, will get 3 months free Pro membership (or membership credit if upgraded already) 

[Current leader: casegaby]

3) 3 random members who complete one of their surveys will get 1 Month Pro membership (or membership credit if upgraded already)

Surveys are crediting rather easily, some members have been completing multiple surveys per day.

Surveys/screenouts completed between 26th November and by the end of 31st December, will count in contest.


We reached another milestone, 200.000 members. Thank you for everyone!

We had prediction contest in summer, when members predicted, when do we hit 200.000 members. Josue0601 was the closest, congratulations, 200.000 points has been credited to your account!



Halloween & November Update
Published on Oct 30th, 2020 05:18 am

We have Halloween 10% deposit promotion on ALL our sites, We will credit the bonus manually to your account within 12 hours. Promotion valid from now until 1st November 4 pm by server time.

CashForClix PTC and CPA contests will end 2 days, new ones will start the same day. Also, its first referral contest is scheduled to start on 20th November.

GrandClick has currently $400 Points Contest running. GrandMonopoly and TheBuxer will be upgraded in November to the same version as GrandClick is.

$400 Autumn Points Contest!
Published on Oct 25th, 2020 05:22 pm

Been a while we had Points Contest. Running from 18th October until the end of 17th November 2020 by server time.

Links to CONTEST and how you can earn points, see from the UPGRADE page. You can earn points from completing Surveys and Offers as well!


SSL added
Published on Oct 19th, 2020 06:45 pm

Now site runs on https (and http as well), so now you can advertise your referral link with https or HTTP, works both ways.

Next few months update. New features! More referral commission.
Published on Oct 15th, 2020 04:03 pm

We have added 2 new games, called "BTC Game" and "Crack the Vault". In BTC game you have to guess if BTC price is higher or lower in next update than current price. If you guess right, you will win 175% of your bet. In Crack the Vault game, you have to guess right combination from 000-999, if you guess right, you will win jackpot. All bets are taken from Purchase balance and all wins are credited to Account balance.

You now earn referral commission from "Coin Flip", "BTC Game" and "Crack the Vault". You will earn direct referral commission from every bet your referral does in these games and commission will be credited instantly to your main balance.

Free members and Clicker+ members earn 0.50% from every bet their direct referrals make in these games, Pro members 1.50%, Grand members 2.50% and Grand Ultimate members 5% commission.

We have increased referral ad purchase commission and referral upgrade commission, now also free members earn commission

See exact commissions from upgrade page.

We will have SSL security and possibly some offerwalls. Then next update for GrandClick will be in January (on 7th birthday).

Before January we will finish also GrandMonopoly and TheBuxer upgrades to the same version as GrandClick is running now. As well fix some issues and delays on old sites.

CashForClix is running live now and will have its first referral contest as soon as designers have fixed last design updates (Offers and PTC contest currently running). It will have some new features coming along until next Spring (after GrandClick birthday) it will have major upgrade with many new unique earning options.

Since it has been a while since the last promotion we had, then Memberships 20% OFF, rented referrals, and rented referrals extending 5% OFF! Promotion is valid until we come live with new features (expected 13-14th October).

Design fixes done
Published on Sep 28th, 2020 12:32 am

Designers finished with fixes, as far as we tested, all should be running good now!

Looking to add SSL (https) support as well in upcoming week and few new addons coming up in next weeks (currently in customization)

PS! Some offerwalls does not have addon for this script version just yet. Will be added as soon as they will release.