Very last mining shares for sale

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In less than 2 weeks it will be 1 year since we started selling mining shares. First shares will start to mature their 144% ROI. Also this month will be the very last month we are selling mining shares.

Since all this birthday runs around number 5 , we will be putting on sale very last 555 shares.
Shares sales will end if 555 are sold or by the end of 31st January. So even if all these shares are not sold by the end of the month, sale will end anyways.

Reason for this is very simple, we have room for 2 more mining rigs, but thats it, since mining rigs need a lot of power, which is limited per household, then it wont hold up no more consumption than that.

We are very happy so many of you have been taking part of this feature and if you would like to buy some more or buy your first, this is the month you can still do it.

Happy birthday to us and if you are not even interested in our mining shares, check out all the other contests, giveaways and games we have planned for whole January!

I try to update remaining shares amount in Statistics topic daily basis throughout all January
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