6 Years Online!

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6 Years =

189,341,712 Seconds
193,053 Total Members
119,211 Total active members
$133,355.09 Total Payments Sent
10054 Total payouts paid
3896 Total support tickets
8772 Total forum posts
23,827 Total cheaters banned

... few of the many statistics over these years.

First I want to thank you all who you are still with us, even the latest times which have been rather like a standstill, not only for us, but since the loss of PayPal and Payza, the whole PTC industry got a bit shaken. I'm glad many PTC sites still struggled out from it and tried to find solutions, among the others, we have now AirTm (more information) as a processor, they have the best support, cheapest fees and they are PTC industry concentrated processor.

Secondly, as some of you already have heard, we have talks with new script provider for us, since current one does not really fulfil my expectations. We so far have figured out how to get all sites data to new database, designers will be the same who did current design, so they will keep it as similar as possible for user friendliness. Only thing for now to do is rented referrals side, since we have them many and its pretty complicated, it still takes some more time. We can expect it in around April, but possibly sooner, if they get it done without many issues. More on that later, when I have more news, but few things you may expect from new script (besides all we have now remains the same):
  • Site will be multilingual (~10 languages)
  • There will be 8 different contest I'm able to run
  • Games, lotteries and other fun stuff
  • New advertising options (such as login ads surfer, PTP, TE, etc.)
  • You will NOT only earn from your direct referral clicks like here, besides the clicks there will be offerwalls commission, tasks, mini jobs and many many more ways to earn from your DRs
  • Although we still will be running on USD, you will have an option to see all your balances and your earnings, etc. in your home currency, so if you want to see GrandClick in Indian Rupees for an example, you will see it :)
  • There will be Welcome Tour for new members, to give your referrals quick tour where they find things they need.
  • We will have our site and users safer, we will have SSL (https), secondary password option, 2FA and I think I'm not the only one who thinks our current captchas suck... :)
  • Also in will come: Ranks, Trophies, Achievements, Prizes, Fame :) It was something I was planning already for current script, but now it will get even much more awesome then!

  • And there will be many more little bells and whistles.

    Since there is tons of new stuff, that also means it takes time to add them and design them, there YOU come into play again. Once we have finished setting up basic site and transferred everything there, I will post all the possible addons/modules and options we have to you and you will choose the order I will be start adding them to you :) It will probably take at least 1 week for 1 module, so you will have long time fun and new stuff coming in all the time :)

    Meanwhile try to enjoy what we have now and take apart from our not so cool yet birthday celebrations and wait for the brighter future

    Michael and Lea (go play her games too in the other topic )

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