1st February Update

Started by Admin 2019-02-01 at 11:09
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  • January contest is finished now, prizes are credited to your account, you can see final leaderboard HERE
  • February $500 contest has also started today, it will be different due there are no clicks needed from referral and leaderboard runs on fully automated script, check it out from HERE. You can also find it in the menu:

  • Please read contest rules HERE before your participate!
    Contest is running from today until the end of 2nd March 2019, by server time. You can also see timer on contest page.
  • Another update regarding memberships, since we had only 2 members using 90 days memberships out of nearly 100 members, we decided to remove 90 days memberships from options. This is to simplify things for new users and also now all our sites run on only 365 days memberships.

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