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Direct Referrals Promo!
Published on 31-07-2014

As we have currently quite a lot DRs available, we put them on sale -30%!
Be quick, promo will last till DRs last.
Remember only users who have clicked will be sold.

Promotions Week! [beta]
Published on 01-04-2014


We are testing out a new idea "Promotions Week". I got that idea from one other site and want to test it here.

Point is, next whole week every day there will be one promo which is every day different. Its some discount or offer. Will see how it goes, maybe will keep it running. Ill post promos here and into news.

Monday Promo: GrandGrid link for 1 mont $2 and for 1 year $15. (EXPIRED)

Tuesday Promo: ALL Special Packs -50%! Cant Go Any Cheaper! (EXPIRED)

Wednesday Promo: Rented Referrals with Special Price!(EXPIRED)

Thursday Promo: 7days Fixed ad $10 ; 30days Fixed ad $33! Valid until end of 3rd March

FRIDAY PROMO: ALL MEMBERSHIPS -10%! Valid till end of 4th April

SATURDAY-SUNDAY PROMO: BUY PRO OR GRAND MEMBERSHIP, GET 50RR FOR FREE! BUY GRAND+ MEMBERSHIP, GET 200RR FOR FREE! Valid till the end of 6th March. ( Can be found under Special Packages!

Down Time
Published on 27-03-2014


Our server providor had some issue on replacing failure hard disc with new one, so instead of 10 minutes downtime it took 7 hours.

Now its all fixed, to say sorry again we have added 1 extended ad to click, we cant extend your rented referrals, but we have added multiplier to rented referral clicks, so in next 24 hours their clicks will be DOUBLED!

Also we added 100RR pack under "Special Packs" with Special price to avoid some of you missed renting referrals cause of downtime. Its valid also only for next 24 hours.

All fixed ads have been extended by 1 day.


Sorry for trouble and lets keep rocking!



PTC Credits up to -65% discount! Fixed ads nearly half cheaper!
Published on 02-03-2014
Check out new prices from
One more offerwall added!
Published on 28-02-2014
We have added TokenAds OfferWall to let you earn even more!

You can find it under "Ways To Earn" menu