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9 Months Online!
Published on 20-10-2014

Time for a birthday promo week?! This time we offer Memberships and Fixed Ads!

All Memberships -20%
30 days Fixed Ad just $19.99

Offer ends 26th October.

October Referral Contest!
Published on 01-10-2014

Contest started now and running till end of 30th October!

Contest itself is simple: Bring 40 Referrals, if they reach to 20 clicks each, you will get $10 to your balance. Depending on ads availability these 20 clicks can be usually achieved in 1 day.

If you have any questions about contest, shoot!

All multies, proxies and other stuff like that will lead to ban.

Happy 8th Birtday!
Published on 20-09-2014

Happy 8th Birthday to all of us! It is a great milestone to which most PTC sites unfortunately never reach, many more happy months and years to come!

About little overall... We have finally finished design and elements on GrandMonopoly, which took much longer than we expected, so now its again GrandClicks turn, as I and many members have noted, they are happy with a current design, so there will be not much new, but it will get a little "facelift" to attract more members and be up to date any other way.

As usual, we have a promos on birthday weeks, this time its referrals. Rented Referrals just $0.19 each, can be found under Special Packages (

And all Direct Referrals -20%! (

Referrals are somewhat limited, so as long as we have them you get them. Otherwise promo is valid till end of 28th September.

Also a remind, please check what is your maximum amount of DRs/RRs from Upgrade page before you buy/rent them, make sure you do not exeed that limit, otherwise cron will delete over the limit referrals.

Happy earnings!



$500 Points Contest Started!
Published on 07-09-2014

So here we go again! Same contest as was in august. 
I was about to launch a referral contest, but got a good idea about it, which needs little more time. 
So this time Points contest will be shorter, running 23 days, thats cause i want to finish with it on 30th morning and start referral contest on 1st October.

Check more out from: (

29th August Update
Published on 29-08-2014

So first a quick reminder that our $500 Points Contest will end tomorrow, so just a little over 24 hours to go! (

Second thing, we are planning to get our PTSU area more active. Thats for all PTSU credits are -50%! Its valid till end of 5th September! And from earners side, get 10 offers approved, open a support ticket, and we credit you extra $1 to your account! Valid till end of September!

Many of you have read about our 2014 plans from forum already, but who havent yet, check out: (