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11 Months online!
Published on 15-12-2014

Just 1 month to go and we have been online for 1 whole year! January will be full of surprises, starting from 3rd January! So be prepared :)

This time we have some rented referrals promos: 100RR for $19.99 and 500 RR for $99.90 offer lasts till the end of 21st december or till RRs last. Packages can be found:  under Special Packages.

Happy Holidays!

DownTime & Rollback
Published on 07-12-2014

Sorry for that long downtime, this time it hit us really hard, so last backup we could use was 3 days old. I have fixed mayor changes, which includes some members balances may be in negative as they got paid in these 3 days, some users who deposited i have added upgrade, RRs or money to your balance. Basically we are back at start of 4th december. So all your RRs, upgrades etc have days remaining which was on 4th december. I have still lot of small balances and stats to fix. If you see something missing or different on your account, please open ticket i will fix it or explain you why it is so. Thanks for understanding and if i get it all fixed you will get some bonuses to make something beautiful in this day :)


HUGE CHRISTMAS LOTTERY! Prizes worth $2500+
Published on 30-11-2014

As you saw i skipped this months birthday promo, it was meant to be so, as now we are starting HUGE Christmas Lottery, which runs from this moment now, until end of 23rd December.

To get a ticket is simple, deposit $1=1 ticket. So if you deposit $100, you will get 100 tickets and so on.
Lottery will close on 23rd, 23.59.59 by server time, after that i will use which picks winners. Please give at least 48 hours to get prizes credited to your account, as its still Christmas i may not have much time.

3x Grand Ultimate membership (total value $449.97)
6x Grand membership (total value $299.94)
2x 500 Rented Referrals Special pack (total value $239.98)
10x 100 Rented Referrals (total value $200)
10x 10 Direct Referrals (total value $80)
25x 20000 PTC Credits (total value $375)
25x 2000000 Banner Credits (total value $450)
10x 30 days Fixed ad 10 seconds (value $399.90)
10x $5 to Account balance (value $50)


Happy Halloween!
Published on 30-10-2014

Halloween is pretty much here and thought to have a quick promo to celebrate! 

Promo is valid 48 hours only, until 1st November 13:00 by server time!

RR Promo:

Extend RRs now up to 35% OFF!

15 days - save 5%
30 days - save 10%
60 days - save 15%
90 days - save 23%
150 days - save 30%
240 days - save 35%

Fixed ads promo:

Buy 3 days Fixed Ad, and ill add 1 extra day to it!
Buy 7 days Fixed Ad, and ill add 2 extra day to it!
Buy 14 days Fixed Ad, and ill add 5 extra day to it!
Buy 30 days Fixed Ad, and ill add 10 extra day to it!
Buy 100 days Fixed Ad, and ill add 30 extra day to it!
Buy 365 days Fixed Ad, and ill add 100 extra day to it!

9 Months Online!
Published on 20-10-2014

Time for a birthday promo week?! This time we offer Memberships and Fixed Ads!

All Memberships -20%
30 days Fixed Ad just $19.99

Offer ends 26th October.