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Changes and Schedules
Published on 14-07-2020

A late update is better than no update right? Had many meetings with many people over the last week and the result is as follows:

We were still unable to get a full compatibility between current GrandClick and the new script (RR system and some other modules like GrandGrid, were just too different to get them running without any errors). So we decided it would have been too much to risk 200.000 member accounts, if some critical error should appear.

I had brief chat with Lea and the EvolutionScript (our current script provider) owner, EvolutionScript will take care of upgrading all our current 3 sites to the very latest version, which includes https support, updated graphs and some more updates. 

But since the new script is ready and designed, Lea agreed to help me out on support and community managing full time from now, so we can open a separate site with a new script. It was not planned as it goes, but script is very powerful and beautiful, so would have been sad to let it go to waste.

We already have a domain for new site, designers are making slight changes to design and new logo/banners at the moment (since it was all prepared for GrandClick) I can make few small changes, but overall we are pretty much set up soon and hope to launch it next week!

I hope you understand our decision and sorry who hoped to see these updates here. GrandClick will still get an update and possibly some new features. But at the same time last PTC site we launched was GrandMonopoly back in April 2014, so we are excited and hope so are you. Besides that it will be a lot easier to get referrals to site with 0 members than to one with 200.000 :)

About the scedule, we hope to have a "soft launch" for new site next week, then we'll see for 2 weeks if all runs as should. And from August 2nd week EvolutionScript will start upgrading our current 3 sites (not sure in which order yet), but these upgrades should not take more than couple of hours maintenance mode.

I will add new site link here once we get design changes done and site will be ready for the launch! GrandClick referral link will remain the same, so who paused it for the upgrade, there is no need to anymore. All 3 sites will return now to their everyday life.


Thank you for understanding and stay tuned!

Michael & Lea

New instant payment processor!
Published on 10-07-2019

We are glad to announce we have finally finished our talks with new payment processor AirTM

Some of you may be familiar with it already, but who's not yet, its P2P payment processor used now by most of mayor PTC sites. Basically you can deposit and withdraw from AirTM to very many options, that means, basically you can deposit to our sites or withdraw from our sites to: PayPal, most of the Bank accounts in the world, Cash (Western Union, MoneyGram, etc.), most common crypto currencies, PerfectMoney, Payeer, Skrill, Neteller, AdvCash (and many more) + All kind of mobile payments and gift cards. 

It will always have the lowest fees to withdraw (until 1st September $0 fees) + if using our AirTM link, you will get $1 to your AirTM account, once you have finished following criteria:

  1. Must be verified Airtm user
  2. Must complete a minimum of (3) transactions, (value of $5)
  3. Must cash out a minimum of $5 from PTC site to Airtm account

If you have any questions/help regarding it, feel free to open a support ticket.

June Referral Contest
Published on 07-06-2019

We have just started $500 June Referral Contest, will be running from 7th June until the end of 6th July.

Rent referrals timeframe removed.
Published on 15-04-2019

Since we did'nt see any use of having rented referrals timeframe for different memberships, we have removed them now. You can rent referrals any time, but no more than is your membership maximum amount allowed.

Introducing Ad Exchange
Published on 04-02-2019

You can now get free banner and featured ad credits, by viewing what other users are advertising. To use it, go to STORE and on the left you can see Ad Exchange. 

Enjoy and happy advertising!

1st February News
Published on 01-02-2019

  • January contest is finished now, prizes are credited to your account, you can see final leaderboard HERE
  • February $500 contest has also started today, it will be different due there are no clicks needed from referral and leaderboard runs on fully automated script, check it out from HERE. You can also find it in the menu:

Please read contest rules HERE before your participate!
Contest is running from today until the end of 2nd March 2019, by server time. You can also see timer on contest page.

  • Another update regarding memberships, since we had only 2 members using 90 days memberships out of nearly 100 members, we decided to remove 90 days memberships from options. This is to simplify things for new users and also now all our sites run on only 365 days memberships.


Rented Referrals clicks increased by 20%
Published on 20-03-2018

After reviewing our new Rented Referral System, we were able to increase referrals clicks by roughly 20% for all memberships. Last 2 months clicks were calculated by pure excel calculations, now we have gathered some data and were able to increase clicks significantly.


Fixed Ad prices dropped hard!
Published on 08-03-2018

To be more competitive, we have dropped Fixed Ad prices hard! For example: $9.99 per month/$59.99 per year. Check out more from HERE

Cheapest membership added!
Published on 08-02-2018
Over the years many users have asked some cheaper membership. Today we have added "Clicker" membership.

It costs just $14.99 per YEAR. And it is meant mostly for solo clickers.

It has all the same features as Free members have, but as an extra it has $0.10 worth Supreme ad available every day!

So if you are clicking every day, you can earn extra $36.50 per year!

More details HERE