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Special Packages.
Published on 26-08-2014

We have put up some new Referrals Special Packages up for test. Packages are limited currently to few of each, depending on how it goes we may add some extra. (

Birthday Promo Over! Points Contest to end soon!
Published on 25-08-2014

Birthday promo has been ended by now. Keep an eye on  Points Contest which will end in few days!

7th Birthday!
Published on 19-08-2014

Happy Birthday Again! 7th time already!
Now Birthday promo, like we always have. Thought what to do this time and really didnt get a good idea. So thought to do EVERYTHING -15%
So it means, we just add 15% to your every deposit. After making deposit, open a support ticket and we credit extra 15% to you within 12 hours (usually in few hours)
Offer is valid till the end of 24th August!

Also Points Contest ( is about to end in some days, check out your position!

Get Fixed Ad for FREE!
Published on 17-08-2014

Buy Fixed ad for any amount of days and get same amount of days fixed ad in GrandMonopoly for FREE!

Just buy fixed ad here with any timer or days value, open support ticket and ill copy your ad to GrandMonopoly.Com for FREE!

Offer is valid for 48hours (till 19th August, 17:00 by server time) (

Happy advertising!

Special Packs available again!
Published on 11-08-2014

We have enabled RR & DR Special Packages again. These are currently very limited.

Check out from ( Under "Special Packages"