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End of June update
Published on 28-06-2020

1) We are still in transfer queue for GrandClick transfer. I have no ETA yet, but I will let you know at least 1 week before (for who want to advertise their GrandClick referral link still)

2) Lea is finishing up GrandMonopoly's birthday and will be back in GrandClick tomorrow. She will start with the Lea's Game Corner to hopefully keep you all more entertained the time we are waiting the transfer.

3) We have too many direct referrals available again, so all DRs 30% OFF! Valid until referrals last!

Few fixes:

*Day change is happening now in midnight, not at 1am like before.

*Referral contest removed from menu until site transfer done.

*TOS&FAQ updated (Minor changes due we have no PayPal nor Payza any longer.

*Wannads Offerwall is now open for everyone (Before you had to have at least 100 ads clicked).

*Everyone can now post into forum (Before you had to have at least 100 ads clicked).

*News menu fixed, was not displaying news properly

*PTC Ads Geolocation is enabled again (Was disabled due visibility abuse)

*Mining module was disabled since its more than half a year since program ended. You are still able to see how much did you earn from it.

*Featured LINK Ads were disabled, since in new version we will only have Credit based system for Featured ads, no more days option.


UPDATE 2, Deposit bonuses, no fixed withdraw fees, required clicks turned on!
Published on 25-06-2020
  • We are still in waiting queue for GrandClick transfer. It depends more on coders avialability now, since we have lot of members here and lot of history (means huge database), needs lot of preparation work. Will keep you posted if some update.
  • Also GrandClick will has a new feature now, which in current version is still working manually, but after upgrade will be instant. Feature will give deposit bonus up to 5%, depending on payment processor. It is somewhat for AirTM partnership we have and also depending where we need money most.
  • Also since only PayPal, Payza and SolidTrustPay had fixed fee, and we do not use any of these processors anymore, we have also removed our fixed fee from withdraw fees, so now it has only % fee. Specially to help users who are withdrawing smaller amounts. 

 GrandClick's deposit bonus percentatages by processor  (No end date, No limit).

AirTM - 5% Deposit bonus

Skrill, Neteller, 2% Deposit bonus

Payeer, PerfectMoney 1% Deposit bonus

Update about an Upgrade
Published on 01-06-2020

As too many people are asking about the upgrade in tickets, I made this news thread to keep you updated about the process. I will update it accordingly if something new.

At the moment designers have finished their job, all looks beautiful. I have mostly finished all the setup, we are currently still running last test on referrals system to make sure it runs same way like its running here, testing GrandGrid, which will have new updated version, meaning many different kind of prizes and due its much better controlled at admin end, meaning MUCH better prizes for you.

We hope to finish everything in the next 3 weeks (by 22nd June), but again, quality over speed.

Another thing is that GrandClick will have new referral links after upgrade, so places where you are unable to edit/pause your ad, please do not buy too long advertising.

As the new version is much more powerful and user/admin-friendly, thought to share some of the new/updated things I have noticed:

It will be mutli-lingual, some of the languages are still in works, but currently mostly done and ready for live languages will be: English, Chinese, French, German, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Portugese and Turkish.

It will also have "Welcome Tour" for new users, which for example can help your referrals to understand GrandClick better.

All the deposit options will be automatic and instant again (exept for Skrill and possibly Neteller, which will be Semi-automatic).

We will have a new payment processor AdvCash, as well as AirTM, Payeer, PerfectMoney, BTC,LTC,DOGE, Neteller and Skrill will remain.

On advertising side new things I have already set up are traffic exchange (self and referral earnings), PTSU will return, but with many more options. Also we will have much wider selection of offerwalls and surveys and Login surf-ads will go live shortly after transfer is done.

In security there will be now PIN option, for your transactions and withdraws and such, to keep your account safer. Also we will add 2FA option as well. And as we have somewhat tolerated proxy use so far, then in new system it will check it and it will check also your country to match your current IP, otherwise it will not allow you to register/login. So make sure your country is up to date! And site itself will be running on SSL then (https), to be more visible and secure.

Now once all is transferred and stable, we will be start adding new features ready in queue already, such as:

Possibility of PaidToPromote section. Option for users to see their balance in their home currency. Possibility for users to borrow money from site for small fee. Some of you have seen or even played Lea's games, we will also have a voucher system, which makes claiming prize easier and Lea's life easier :)

Definitely improved section would probably be "Entertainment" category, which unfortunately requires little more time to build, but some of the features will start to go live shortly after transfer, such as: "Ranking", where you need to complete long-term tasks (for example, click in total 5000 PTC ads) and then you will get prizes for it ranging from cash and referrals to memberships and advertising. Another thing will be called "Achievements", which is similar to "Ranking", but it has lot more and easier tasks and will receive points as reward for every completition. And we hope to have some games/lottery as well added at some point later.

There is also possibility for users to setup their social profiles if they like to and a chat option to talk with other users and admins. But these need some extra thinking to avoid spamming, referral links, etc.

That is roughly about it for now, I hope to get all that part done in next few months hopefully and then there are some more, which I will not get into just yet.

Since it is too late to do promotions here (GrandMonopoly and TheBuxer will have their SHORT 2020 birthday promotions running for the couple a days when GrandClick will be transferred) then who ever did read that far, I must tell that there will be many more referral earnings, you will earn from their purchases. Their PTSU ads, offerwalls and surveys earnings go as high as 100%, means you earn exactly as much from offerwalls as your referrals earn. You will earn from their deposits and from their traffic surf. Upgraded members will have more valuable and higher amount of PTC ads and traffic grid changes and on top of that, we will introduce a new system, from where every your referral who earns at least $5 in GrandClick, you will receive instant cash up to $0.25.

As it means lot more earnings, upgrade prices will be slightly increased. After-transfer new prices will be $24.99 for Clicker+, $99.99 for Pro, Grand $299.99 and Ultimate $799.99. So who ever feels like they need to still get it cheaper, old prices will be present until site goes into transfer.

I hope I can let you know dates for transfer this week already, I will be adding all the information to this thread here.

And finally one screenshot from inside:


New instant payment processor!
Published on 10-07-2019

We are glad to announce we have finally finished our talks with new payment processor AirTM

Some of you may be familiar with it already, but who's not yet, its P2P payment processor used now by most of mayor PTC sites. Basically you can deposit and withdraw from AirTM to very many options, that means, basically you can deposit to our sites or withdraw from our sites to: PayPal, most of the Bank accounts in the world, Cash (Western Union, MoneyGram, etc.), most common crypto currencies, PerfectMoney, Payeer, Skrill, Neteller, AdvCash (and many more) + All kind of mobile payments and gift cards. 

It will always have the lowest fees to withdraw (until 1st September $0 fees) + if using our AirTM link, you will get $1 to your AirTM account, once you have finished following criteria:

  1. Must be verified Airtm user
  2. Must complete a minimum of (3) transactions, (value of $5)
  3. Must cash out a minimum of $5 from PTC site to Airtm account

If you have any questions/help regarding it, feel free to open a support ticket.

June Referral Contest
Published on 07-06-2019

We have just started $500 June Referral Contest, will be running from 7th June until the end of 6th July.

Rent referrals timeframe removed.
Published on 15-04-2019

Since we did'nt see any use of having rented referrals timeframe for different memberships, we have removed them now. You can rent referrals any time, but no more than is your membership maximum amount allowed.

Introducing Ad Exchange
Published on 04-02-2019

You can now get free banner and featured ad credits, by viewing what other users are advertising. To use it, go to STORE and on the left you can see Ad Exchange. 

Enjoy and happy advertising!

1st February News
Published on 01-02-2019

  • January contest is finished now, prizes are credited to your account, you can see final leaderboard HERE
  • February $500 contest has also started today, it will be different due there are no clicks needed from referral and leaderboard runs on fully automated script, check it out from HERE. You can also find it in the menu:

Please read contest rules HERE before your participate!
Contest is running from today until the end of 2nd March 2019, by server time. You can also see timer on contest page.

  • Another update regarding memberships, since we had only 2 members using 90 days memberships out of nearly 100 members, we decided to remove 90 days memberships from options. This is to simplify things for new users and also now all our sites run on only 365 days memberships.


Rented Referrals clicks increased by 20%
Published on 20-03-2018

After reviewing our new Rented Referral System, we were able to increase referrals clicks by roughly 20% for all memberships. Last 2 months clicks were calculated by pure excel calculations, now we have gathered some data and were able to increase clicks significantly.


Fixed Ad prices dropped hard!
Published on 08-03-2018

To be more competitive, we have dropped Fixed Ad prices hard! For example: $9.99 per month/$59.99 per year. Check out more from HERE

Cheapest membership added!
Published on 08-02-2018
Over the years many users have asked some cheaper membership. Today we have added "Clicker" membership.

It costs just $14.99 per YEAR. And it is meant mostly for solo clickers.

It has all the same features as Free members have, but as an extra it has $0.10 worth Supreme ad available every day!

So if you are clicking every day, you can earn extra $36.50 per year!

More details HERE