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PayPal withdraws enabled!
Published on 23-04-2018

Today we have enabled PayPal withdraws, we are still working hard on PayPal deposits to see if we can get them working as well soon.

Meanwhile if you'd like to make a deposit via PayPal, we can accept manual deposits, please open a ticket for instructions!

Rented Referrals clicks increased by 20%
Published on 20-03-2018

After reviewing our new Rented Referral System, we were able to increase referrals clicks by roughly 20% for all memberships. Last 2 months clicks were calculated by pure excel calculations, now we have gathered some data and were able to increase clicks significantly.


Fixed Ad prices dropped hard!
Published on 08-03-2018

To be more competitive, we have dropped Fixed Ad prices hard! For example: $9.99 per month/$59.99 per year. Check out more from HERE

Cheapest membership added!
Published on 08-02-2018
Over the years many users have asked some cheaper membership. Today we have added "Clicker" membership.

It costs just $14.99 per YEAR. And it is meant mostly for solo clickers.

It has all the same features as Free members have, but as an extra it has $0.10 worth Supreme ad available every day!

So if you are clicking every day, you can earn extra $36.50 per year!

More details HERE
Crypto-Mining Feature/ Direct referrals 30% OFF!
Published on 01-02-2018
More information HERE
Direct referrals 30% OFF, valid until referrals last!


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