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BitCoin option is automatic now!
Published on 17-11-2016

Finally we got it coded and now you can deposit/buy via Bitcoin and it will be added to your balance automatically. It needs 2 confirmations, so it may take anywhere from 15 minutes up to an hour or so. Minimum deposit is only $1

To see that we have done everything well, then in next 24 hours all deposits will get 10% extra to purchase balance (will be added manually) offer valid till 10am 18th November, by server time.

GrandRevshare has launched!
Published on 08-05-2016

Hi everyone!

After months of hard work and preparing, GrandRevshare is finally ready to launch. Currently there are few things not ready yet: Payeer option is still pending and Splash pages will be available from monday.
If you have any suggestions or questions (check FAQ also), feel free to open a ticket.

Have a great one!

Michael & Lea

Changes in Withdraws and deposits
Published on 21-01-2016

As PayPal changed their TOS in 2016 and as you probably have seen many sites have got affected by it, we should make few changes to meet their TOS properly.

1) You need to have a verified Paypal account to make a deposit (for Payza doesnt matter)
2) Only Paypal depositors can withdraw to Paypal and their account must be verified
3) Free members can withdraw to Payza, but must be also verified
4) Minimum withdraw for free members will remain $2, for depositors its $5 (as Paypal doesnt like payments under that)

These changes are implemented now and they may be changed back at some point when Evolutionscript can make some changes in script to meet Paypal's TOS.

2 New Sites!
Published on 09-06-2015

We would like to announce 2 brand new sites on our network:

1) - Its an advertisment rotating service, which many of you are familiar already i believe. As we launched it just now, there are dirt cheap prices at the moment, till slots are full, ads are rotating already on 21 sites and when slots are flling up, many more sites will be added. So be quick, dont miss your oportunity.

2) - We made just a very simple site, where you can always have a look which sites belong to our network and see basic stats of them.