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Summer Banner Sale!
Published on 05-07-2017

1 Million Banner Credits = $5

10 Million Banner Credits = $25

(Under Advertise menu - Special Packages)

Limited Number of Packages Available!

Updated GrandGrid
Published on 10-03-2017

We have made few changes to GrandGrid. 

1) Now every click wins, absolutely 100% every click.

2) Now you can click 100 ads per day.

Banner Credits 66% OFF! LIMITED OFFER!
Published on 05-03-2017

100.000 Banner credits for $1
1.000.000 Banner credits for $6

Buy from HERE (Under Special Packages)

Offer is limited and will expire after certain amount of active banners reached

New server, No live banner anymore!
Published on 26-02-2017

We managed to get new server configured over the night and at morning i was able to hook it on. Unfortunately our techs found that our "Live banner" takes lot of resource, and it affected quite badly GrandClick speed, so have deleted it out of our system. We are really sorry to people who liked to use it, but it was really old and badly coded. 

PS! We have still have 15 banners to choose from and if you want a custom banner, you can get one of the best from HERE

BitCoin option is automatic now
Published on 12-02-2017

Finally we got it coded and now you can deposit/buy via Bitcoin and it will be added to your balance automatically. It needs 2 confirmations, so it may take anywhere from 15 minutes up to an hour or so. Minimum deposit is $5